Growth-limiting intracellular metabolites in yeast under diverse nutrient limitations
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The following web script will allow you to search for transcripts measured in Brauer et al and/or metabolites measured in Boer et al. (NB: the transcript data used for this search tool only covers conditions that were also sampled for metabolites, so that they can be easily compared: for the full transcript data set, see the Brauer et al online supplement.)

Please select a molecular species (gene or metabolite).

Use the buttons below to add or remove metabolites or genes from the list in the middle. You can also order this list with the "up" and "dn" buttons; if you select "user-selected" in the "sort by" field below, the order you choose will be maintained in the search results.

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Please also indicate whether you want to search in all of the nutrient limitations, natural limitations only (i.e., no auxotrophs), or both.

Please select any additional fields you would like to display.

  • Overall GRS
  • Overall GRS Rsq
  • GRS Carbon
  • GRS Nitrogen
  • GRS Phosphate
  • GRS Leucine
  • GRS Uracil
  • NME Carbon
  • NME Nitrogen
  • NME Phosphate
  • NME Leucine
  • NME Uracil
  • GRS pval Carbon
  • GRS pval Nitrogen
  • GRS pval Phosphate
  • GRS pval Leucine
  • GRS pval Uracil
  • NME pval Carbon
  • NME pval Nitrogen
  • NME pval Phosphate
  • NME pval Leucine
  • NME pval Uracil

Please select which field you would like to sort by.

If sorting by p-values or R-squared:

sort positive and negative effects separately
sort positive and negative effects together

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